Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet Our New Backyard

The biggest event/project that we tackled over the long weekend was our pathetic backyard. Now, looking back of course, I wish I took 'before' pictures for the full effect. But during, I thought for sure you, dear reader, would have lost complete faith in our ability to keep-house. Just imagine: toys strewn about, a patio table set sent from the 80s that my parents generously donated during their move five years ago, a random rectangle of fake grass cluttered with giant tree stumps and dried dog poop, and neglected planting pots stacked haphazardly. A giant jasmine bush that hasn't been pruned in ages and could be mistaken for Cousin It. Don't forget the miscellaneous weeds here and there that climb to your knees. Got that imagine? Now see why I didn't want to include a 'before' picture?! 

Our backyard wasn't always so neglected. W has spent hooooours out there trying to get it back in order. But it really was a two day project and we never had two consecutive days that we wanted to spend back there. {So grateful that we did a fun adventure weekend last weekend so we could be content to stay at home.} The other problem was we kept the few items that we wanted to get rid of in the hopes that we would trash them soon. That never happened. This time we really did the dirty work and moved them out of the backyard. We finally had a blank slate. The back now has designated purposes and has so much more room! Seriously, we made a break-through.

I pulled out lights and our recycled tire chalkboard {that I bought from our local antique fair} from the garage; both I got two years ago. 

We used the lights to section off the 'dining/lounge' area which is right outside of the sliding door.
As you can tell, we don't have anything to sit or eat off of yet! Still working up a plan for that one.

Next, we randomly found a stake out here which I knew would work perfectly to complete this project. W nailed the boards in and we stuck it into the ground next to our baby lemon tree.
E and I potted the rosemary and mint this week. And I put up a burlap banner I made for a friend's upcoming outdoor wedding. I may not want to let it go, but it needed a good temporary home to motivate me to finish the rest of the crafts for her event.

The little plant area sits next to E's hoop and basket of outdoor toys. The open space is available for a kiddie pool during the summer or maybe a little sandbox. We're still planning on putting a large chalkboard against the wall for the boys to use, but like the furniture, that's a project for another day.

Even if we aren't outside, I turn on the lights every night. They are fun enough to enjoy even from inside the house.
So amazing what a simple box of lights and a couple of lanterns can do to enhance the mood. :)

We're kinda obsessed with the space now and have had several picnics outside since the weekend. It's gonna be a fun summer! Now, if only we can fully complete the back before summer's end I'll be ecstatic! Nonetheless, I'm in love and so glad we put in the two days that were needed to get 'er done!