Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little People

I haven't been doing much in the way of creative outlets lately. :( It's been mostly survival mode around these here parts. Both boys got RSV and we spent some time in the ER as well as some rough nights at home. Breathing treatments, x-rays, and sleep on the go were the norm for awhile.

We're still a bit in recovery mode as Sunday was a complete sabbath day for us. We did not really leave our pajamas, let alone the house. Which brings me to the title of this post. :) 

Not too long ago, E started playing with three corks we had in the kitchen. I said they looked like little people the way he was playing with them. He must have liked that because it stuck and he's spent much of the week playing with the little people. Since we had so much down time on Sunday, I figured I'd help a little boy out and add some features to his little people. Scissors, felt scraps, a glue gun, and an extra cork later, his little people were starting to look like a real family. 

Yeah, my two year old knows the words "mustache", "beard" and "soul patch". I think the little boys still need an extra accent. Ideas? I also gave him a small tissue box from the hospital to carry his people around in. He totally loves them. Truly crazy what kids turn into toys with their imaginations...

Now I'm wondering what else I can add to his little people. We have plenty of corks saved up around here so I'm wondering how I can swing a car or maybe a make-shift house? Little people possibilities are endless, really.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brown Paper Packages

...all tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things!
Cooked up something fun for this Valentine's with the help of this. W gets to open a small treat every hour at 14 past the hour during his full day at work. And yes, his goodies are in way girly wrapping. One of them even has a polka-dot ribbon. ;) I put all his little gifts in a giant basket and even included a red felt puffy conversation heart that said "Love U". Total cheese!

We usually don't do anything too out of the ordinary for love day. Don't really exchange gifts. Last year, it was a delicious dinner made by W. This year, he's working a 10 hour day. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do a little something extra for him. Just small gifts: candy, small random items that he'll like, a new shirt, a new toy for him and E to play with, and a few gift cards with small amounts to some of his favorite places.

Doing anything special with the one you love?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valetine's Decor

I've still got some tweaking to do, but William pulled down my decorations from storage the other day which gave our house a more festive face. Nothing much, just little things here and there. Most of them were from my teaching days so it was fun pulling them out and remembering. I bought most of my decorations my second year...when I could finally breathe past curriculum and into the fluffy fun stuff. Annnnnnd then I was laid off. Heh. Still, our home has been a great new place for them.
Our mantle:
I have a slight obsession with my mom's cricut machine right now. I used it for this banner and another one for a baby shower recently and am in love! It's so easy and has endless possibilities for using it. I hung them on some jute string with some clothes pins.
 Then I pulled out this old Pespi tray that I found while antiquing {that's a verb now, right?!} almost a year ago. It was sitting in our garage. I still have other plans for it, but I brought it in a few days ago, determined to use it now.
Then I just started to fill it with random stuff we had around the house. Boxes from the packaging of earrings I just bought, a ceramic bowl with twine, a bird house that was already on the mantle before {$1 section of Micheal's}, a bird, and a vase {$1 section from Target} from my vday stash.

To the left...
I had some straws left over from E's party and put them in a mason jar style glass, wrapped a vase with some red rick-rack type ribbon, and put some red flowers in. I spray painted the two frames on the mantle and on this side, put this free print in it.

On the right...
An "S", empty jar awaiting to be filled with...? and
one of my favorite maternity pictures. Ezra's bright eyes match our headboard. And our shared pose that was completely unscripted just kills me!

Our chalkboard area got some red highlights.
I got these red Chinese lanterns in China town in the city. Does that make them authentic? Either way, I love them. In fact, they may stay post-love month. My little nook with my heart bunting is still lacking. I ordered some prints in 5x7 {???} instead of my normal 8x10. Frame Fail. I just reorder them in the correct size. Sheesh.

And lastly, our little nook by the stairs.
Another lantern, paper hearts hung by floss, and a pitcher full of flowers.
{Hi!} So I basically just used what we already owned. I'd love to score some new items on clearance afterward or try to do another craft {maybe a wreath?}, but if not, no sweat. I still have a few more lanterns that I'd love to find homes for. Maybe somewhere upstairs?

Hope you are enjoying your LOVE month!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids' Book Exchange

A girlfriend of mine sent me a letter early December to participate in a book exchange. Normally, I avoid chain letters like the plague, but since it had to do with books, my interest was peaked. All I had to do was send a book, six letters and then wait for the mail. We have no shortage of books in the house between those we started with, the library, and gifts for E. But I'm of the mind that you can never have too many books! One day I hope we can have a whole wall dedicated to book shelves. Better yet, a library with one of the wheeling ladders. 

Anyway, I was a bit skeptical at first since it was around the holidays and I'm sure many people are in my "party-pooper" camp when it comes to chain letters. But so far, E has received six books, and I just sent out my last two a few weeks ago. It's a short chain with only two degrees of separation so we actually know some of the people we're getting books from.
For the cost of one book, you have the potential of getting 36 books back. I say that's a sweet deal. And even if not everyone plays along, it's still worth it. He truly loves getting mail.

The letter went something like this...

Dear __________,

Welcome to our book exchange! Send ONE new or gently used book to the child listed at #1 below. Then make 6 new copies of the blank letter I’ve included here and send to SIX friends. Use the blank letter I sent you and move MY child’s name, age and address to the #1 spot and put YOUR child’s name, age and address on the #2 spot and make SIX copies. Mail both a blank copy and a filled out copy to SIX friends and wait for your books to arrive. This is just for fun! Soon your child could receive 36 books in return! What a deal!

If you can’t do this within one week {give or take a few}, please let me know!  The children who have participated are looking forward to their books arriving. A manila envelope will mail a book nicely and you should receive 36 ‘new’ books if everyone participates. Seldom does anyone drop out, as you know kids love to read books and receive mail. You should receive your books in about 2 weeks if you get your letters out right away. 

It will be lots of fun but please let me know if you can’t participate ASAP. You can reach me at ____________ @____.com

Thanks and enjoy your books!

Child #1

Child #2

Make sure to include a blank copy of this letter for your friends so they don’t have to retype. 


Interested? Just copy and paste this letter into a document, get a friend for #2, and start a book exchange together.