Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

I scored some free pallets about a month ago that have been sitting in our garage since. They were waiting for me to pick something from all the great projects out there. Then I was inspired, not by pinterest, but by a window display while on a walk through our local downtown. Yay for seeing it in the real world! I had W create a pallet canvas of sorts by showing him this tutorial and then off he went to make his own version. 

While in the process of finishing the project, I was stumped on how to get my words onto the wood. Mod-Podge? Wood glue? Stencil? Craft paint? Free hand? I was at a loss so I decided to test a few of them....which actually turned into a whole new project that I'm sharing now. Distracted much! {More on the original pallet art later.} For now, it's on to this side project...
I started with Mod-Podge because it seemed the easiest. I got out three extra boards that W had left over from the original, cut some words out using my mom's cricut, and tried it out.
 I found out that the glue changed the color of the wood, even after it dried, so I covered the entire board with the stuff. Then I placed my letters out and covered it with a second coat.
It was super easy and I loved the mod-podged wood better--it looks so rich!

 While deciding on the phrase, I had an up-coming bridal shower I'm co-hosting in mind. I'm actually hoping to turn these wood planks into a wooden sign post and after the party, eventually put it out in our backyard. Hurray for multi-use pieces!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Mantle

I wasn't planning on doing anything much for March. I pulled out a few things that work and re-dressed our mantle. And that's about it.
 The mantle started with my glitter shamrock garland from my teaching supplies...
Then I pulled out my yarn wreath and a wooden frame from the garage..
Then I filled in the sides with things from around the house, a free print, and E's latest art project.

Speaking of his project... he got just as much on himself as he did on the paper.

Beyond a bowl of Lucky Charms, I don't think we'll be celebrating St. Patty's Day much. Will you?