Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mixed Inspiration Files

While checking out some other uber creative blogs, I found myself bookmarking and 'pinning' galore. Here are a few of my favorites I found recently...

The Swensons are definitely wine-o's around here and have a fine collection of corks. We've created a habit of writing on the ends of each: the date and who we drank it with if it's a special or fun occasion. But I also have an unhealthy obsession with monograms...especially the letter 'S'. I have them peppered throughout our house. So when I saw this easy peasy craft, I knew it's only a matter of time before another 'S' is added to our collection.

Um, can we just simply say this vintage airplane room is just gorg?! I'm not one for themed rooms but this one takes the cake! Of course, it could very well be because it utilizes pallets and old wood to make a cozy rustic feel. Slowly stepping away from boy room reveals-- can't justify looking ahead to the next one. ;)

Chalkboards have been all the rage for quite some time. After seeing this pic, I'm really leaning toward turning one of W's old frames into one. I also already have chalkboard spray paint that I bought awhile ago. So really, what am I waiting for?! I initially wanted to stick it in the kitchen/eating area, but perhaps I'll find a nice little spot in our nurse-office.

Or maybe I'll just scrap that whole idea and go with a burlap board for the room.

So, I'm pregnant. :) I found these beautiful birth stories on Design Mom the other day and have loved reading the variety of ways all these precious babies came to be. One such story is shared by Kristen Frantz who shares two stories: one of defeat and the other of profound satisfaction. She shares how they both answer her deepest questions about motherhood. Simply beautiful.
The cutest little cardboard creation for kids!

The most extensive chevron pattern tutorial I've seen to date.

And lastly, I've been gathering some felt food tutorials for some time now. We bought E a kitchen and are waiting to give it to him once Boy 2.0 is born. It'll come with some pots, pans, and utensils. But he'll need some play food too, right?! How about a yummy breakfast of eggs and bacon?

Yard stick crates! Could be a great addition to our pantry...if/when it gets started done! The tutorial can be found here.

Well, that is quite a mixed bag of inspiration, but that's what I've got! Happy Tuesday!!


Erin said...

I am so excited to get into our new place next month so I can NEST and do a few DIY projects! You have me SO excited!

Megan said...

Great list! I LOVE the cork letters. I think I am going to have to do that, we have a bankers box full of corks (our friends are collecting for us too)! Also, check out my list of felt food / felt things. I bet you will leave inspired. http://www.delicious.com/themegababe/felt

Let me know if you would like any felt or crocheted food as a baby gift!!

Stef said...

I love all of these ideas, except the chalkboard in such a nice, white room :)
I've not known kids who will only color on the chalk board and no where else... so it would either be a whole wall of chalkboard paint (like my friend has) or not a board they can reach :)
We're putting a chalkboard in our new kitchen, but its going to be for Jason and me.