Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Boys' Costumes

I had hit a road block for some time. Since like June, W has been dead-set on E being Macgyver/Macgruber for Halloween-- given E's long lustrous blonde mullet. But I really wanted the boys to "go together" since let's face it, I only have a very limited amount of years in which I can freely do this without their permission. 

I just couldn't think of something T could be that would go along with that theme. Until W suggested the best idea that I might actually be able to pull off!

I bought this:
and this online yesterday.
I only need to find some gray tights or just turn some kids' socks into leg warmers. Then it's off to Joann's to get materials for the main part. I'm still not sure how this will turn out since I have no template and not a whole lot of time to figure it out. Nothing like some pressure to get ya going!

For E's costume, we pretty much already have everything...except for the khaki utility vest. I'm going to need to come up with something and haven't had any luck so far in finding one to purchase. 

So here are my inspirations for this year's costumes:


T's...the necessary Swiss Army Knife!...

Hysterical, right?! Now, let's hope I can pull this off in time! ;)

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Stef said...

oh my word, you totally impress me! The last thing I'd be doing after having a baby is figuring out costumes! Go Jess :)

Cute ideas too.