Friday, March 2, 2012

March Mantle

I wasn't planning on doing anything much for March. I pulled out a few things that work and re-dressed our mantle. And that's about it.
 The mantle started with my glitter shamrock garland from my teaching supplies...
Then I pulled out my yarn wreath and a wooden frame from the garage..
Then I filled in the sides with things from around the house, a free print, and E's latest art project.

Speaking of his project... he got just as much on himself as he did on the paper.

Beyond a bowl of Lucky Charms, I don't think we'll be celebrating St. Patty's Day much. Will you?

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Jenney said...

I really like the loopy felt flowers! And I never thought of doing the rose-like ones with two colors of felt. What a great idea! I have a yarn wreath with felt flowers but mine are all the same. Maybe next year I'll add a few new ones!