Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Poor Neglected Crafting

Yup. That title pretty much sums up why I have not blogged since V's birth. Yikes. My sewing machine is collecting dust, my craft store mailers are ::gasp:: trashed once expired, and I'm no where near pinterest much; unless it includes gathering ideas for family adventures. 

This season has not really allowed for down time, much less in front of my craft supplies. And I'm okay with that, for now. I know I'll pick it up again at some point. The boys' birthdays are coming up soon so I'm actually planning a trip to the fabric store this week. A sign that I might be a little more out of survival mode with three wee ones?! Perhaps. ;) 

I just got the invites in the mail and I'm kinda giddy over them. Time to figure out T's decor and gather baking supplies. My sweet lil' tornado toddler will be TWO!!!


Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

So. Stinking. Cute.

I can't wait to see more!

Megan said...

That invitation is so stinkin cute!!