Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bathtime Painting

I've been really gung-ho with the activities for E lately. Maybe it's because we have such ample time together and don't want it to go to waste. Or maybe I fear he'll get into mischief if he's not occupied with something that allows him to explore. Or I'll go crazy without something to do. Maybe it's all of the above. :)

Here's yet another one we tried out during a mid-day bath. It was a 'post-rainy day excursion' wash down so it was the perfect time to try out the bathtub painting idea I found here {via my awesome mom who keeps her eyes out for fun activities! Thanks, Mom!}.

muffin tin
large paint brush
shaving cream {I used the classic barbasol}
food coloring

What you do:
Spray some shaving cream into each of the six holes. 
Add food coloring. 
Mix {I used a fork}. 
Let the painting begin.

Another amazingly simple activity that he LOVES. Minimal prep work and clean up. My cup of tea.
Some of the comments on the post where I got the idea said they had problems with the dye and tile grout. We don't have tile in the boys' bathroom so it wasn't a problem. In fact, it all washed off super easy with water. It also shared that they didn't put water in the tub so the child could stand up and paint. I needed to clean E and it's a bit chilly so I added some water into the tub. He sat and painted the tub walls, the water, and himself. Painting himself was a HUGE hit since he's got to keep the paint on the paper when he's painting at the table.

T was left to wonder why he wasn't able to paint too.
And from the first time we did this activity to the publication of this post, E has already painted twice and requested it often.

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Stef said...

AH! This is such a crafty and simple idea! We went out to Target as soon as we saw this post and bought the shaving cream :)
Now the kids are all set to rock their next bath time!
Thank you :)