Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I remembered an activity that my sister-in-law had her oldest do one visit when I was pregnant with Ez. Although they had a whole bucket full of beans, I've always wanted to reproduce it on a smaller scale. 

In this house, we call T's tummy time "Blanket Time" so E knows that he's suppose to give him space. In lieu of that, I told E he was going to have his own blanket time. He was all over that like white on rice. I grabbed a bag of pintos and some additional fun 'toys' and let him have at it. The only rules: keep the beans on the blanket and these beans were not for eating.

He did all kinds of scooping, spooning, pouring, stirring, grabbing, etc.
Such an easy indoor activity. The hardest part is the clean up..which wasn't much at all. 95% of the beans stayed on the blanket and E likes to help clean up. 
He started gearing up for a tantrum was really bummed when it was time to put everything away, but we put the beans into a zip-lock baggie for next 'blanket time'...which will most likely be happening soon with this week's rain!


Stef said...

Cool! He didn't try to eat any or put them in his ears or up his nose? That's always the issue I had with my kids, which made playing with beans no fun :(

W and J said...

No, he did great! I had to remind him a few times at the start that these weren't food then he was good to go. I've been wanting to do this for awhile but held off since I knew he'd try eating them. He seems to be at the perfect age to understand and just play with them.