Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A is for Apple.

We started rowing a new book this week call How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Yet another great read. We spent a good chunk of time at the library first thing this week; picking up picture books about all the places the girl travels to get her ingredients because the market is closed: France, Italy, Sri Lanka, England, Jamaica, and Vermont. One of my favorite aspects of this curriculum is getting to water the adventurous-spirit-and-travel-bug seed with geography.  

We're also going the uber classic route and doing the letter A and apple activities. Because I can play the cliche card every now and again. ;)

We discussed the parts of an apple.
Who doesn't love a good time of apple stamping?! 
{grandma disclaimer: he's snacking on the previously cut-up apple, while painting...not snacking on the painted one. k, thanks. ;)}

Give you three guesses what our field trip will be for this book. 

And one guess who'll I'll be delegating the apple pie makin' to. 

The one who went to culinary school...

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