Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

From the Avengers!

Seriously, these two were WAY too excited for gparent day and showing off their costumes at gymnasitcs. Not interested is keeping still for a civilian photo-opp. Gotta take what you can get with these heroes. ;)
We're doing our usual tricking-n-treating with our besties in the next town over this evening. And yes, this year: no homemade costumes. The boys have continued to come home from gparent day with a different costume over the weeks and have been so excited about their dress-up collection that I decided to KISS {Keep It Simple, Stupid.} ;) No need to stress about something if they're content with what they've got. Looking forward to celebrating with our little gang this evening! 

Hope you enjoy yours with yours!! 

swenson gang

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