Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

The boys' costumes were finished just in time! Phew! I had a blast creating and hunting down pieces to make them complete. 

E's was pretty simple. I didn't make anything for his Macgyver/Macgruber outfit. He already had the collared shirt and skinny jeans and boots. I found his vest at Target and just loved it, so I ignored the fact that it's not exactly utility! It's a 3T so he'll get plenty of wear out of it. The bomber glasses were purchased online.

 Compared to the real deal:
Now, for T's costume. That took a bit more woman-power.

I basically did an "A frame" style. It's super easy and super quick. I wanted to keep the construction simple because I'd never done this before. Here's the costume in its pieces.
That's the back, front with a long strip to go between his legs, and the two shoulder straps. As you can tell, Velcro and I were BFFs on this one. I used red and white felt. Since Joann's was out of gray felt, I used gray fabric and reinforced it with my extra white felt. The gray pieces took about seven trials before getting it just right. Let's just say, it's a really good thing I'm starting this whole "homemade costumes" with infant size!  I stuffed the front and back with pillow stuffing to give it extra dimension.
T made THE cutest utility knife I've ever seen!

So how did the whole trick-or-treating thing go? We did about three houses before calling it quits. E had a long and too-much-fun kind of day at Gpa's and Gma's so he was ready to hit the hay early. BUT he did love saying hi to our friends and getting a few pieces of candy. And T? Well, he fell asleep in Gma's arms after the second house.


Megan said...

Oh man! The costumes turned out so cute! Your boys are adorable! :)

Stef said...

very cute!