Friday, September 6, 2013

Pre-K // Homeschool Style

We "started" preK this week. I use that term loosely only because we've only done a little of our reading program. PreK is really nice like that. So is homeschooling. 

We'll be working our way through this curriculum. And we're in our second day of "rowing" the book The Story About Ping. Very similar to unit studies. I made a make-shift homeschool corner...because there really isn't a corner left in our small space. There's a world map that we got in a random mailer, the ping duck to place in China {where the story takes place}, and a few 'artifacts' that I scrounged up. Hoping my planning will get better in time?! ;) And our dining area chalkboard will work perfectly for scripture memorization and reading highlights. 

So far, E has worked on numbers, the letter D, and sewing and tracing for fine motor skills--in addition to reading our book. We're going on our first "field trip" this afternoon observe and feed the ducks with friends who are also sticking to our program/schedule.

He's randomly picked up on recognizing numbers 1-5 and 8 {which may have something to do with helping me press numbers around town.} Glad to know I wouldn't have to formally cover those.
Normally, the stories are covered in a week, but we're starting out with two. Next week, we'll be covering science {buoyancy, animal kingdom} and social studies {China geography and culture} and hopefully art.

This will certainly be a marathon journey and lots of "figuring out as we go", but I'm so excited to be able to do with my kids!

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