Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TWO Cool For School Party

T's birthday party was over the weekend. I had no idea until Sunday morning that it was also the kick-off of football season. Duh! But everyone came and loved on our little butterball...with the game playing in the background. ;)

I went with a "school" theme for the party--even though he's a loooong way off from crackin' open the books. But with the new vintage desk and giant school map in their room as inspiration, I just went with it: paper airplanes, lined paper, a globe, number two pencils, books, and apples.
I kept things real simple by just serving a handful of snacks and just focusing on dessert. W is master dessert maker so he made the cupcakes and frosted them, per usual. He made a slightly larger cupcake for T.
For a guest book, I made cut-out apples for everyone to sign.
And put his baby book out viewing.

Opening presents was by far the best entertainment. T would get so hooked on one gift that he would completely ignore my suggestions to keep going. And E was having the time of his life watching all the new gifts T was getting. I'm pretty sure he must have figured out that he would be playing with them too eventually. But I was grateful for his awesome attitude either way. 

And I'm so happy to report that he kept that birthday crown on the entire party. He sure knows how to make this Mama happy. ;)

He may have needed a little help with blowing out the candle but certainly not the eating part.

Happy second birthday, Butterball! You are totally TWO cool.

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Stef said...

this is amazing, Jess! where do you find the time or energy to do this stuff? you're super mom. seriously.