Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Science with Lentil // Sense of Taste

So we started rowing a new book this week for school: Lentil. It's such a cute story about a small town boy named Lentil and his determination to overcome the handicap of not being able to pucker his lips. He finds he can make music in another way: the harmonica. The conflict of the story revolves around Old Sneep and his devious plan to stop a celebration by making everyone's lips pucker via him sucking on a lemon. Lentil saves the day with his harmonica.

So our science consisted of taste testing and learning about our tongue and where the difference taste receptors are.
Of course, the lemon was THE most fun for the boys. T's expressions were my favorite. He tried it a few times before handing the entire thing over to Ezra. Some honest and true distress right here. ;)
E's initial reaction was similar to T's, but on a much smaller scale. And after awhile, I think he just got used to it, because he sucked on the lemon for quite some time AFTER our experiment was done.
Throughout the week, we've also been talking about the other four senses. We've also touched on the letter M for Music and US geography for California and Ohio {where Lentil takes place}. Hoping we can squeeze in a few more activities for math and art this week too. This book has some great content to study!

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