Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Dude Style} Advent Wreath

DIY Advent Wreath {Dude's style}

foam wreath
cheap green wreath
set of advent candles
large white candle
silver plate charger
candle holder for white candle {not pictured; we had one around the house}
zip-ties {also not pictured; told you it was a dude diy}

What to do:
W cut the foam wreath in half width-wise with an exacto-knife
Pushed the four outside candles into the foam for placement
Zip-tied the green wreath to the foam {i probably would have attempted a glue gun}
Re-place outer candles in foam through the green wreath
Place on top of charger
Put white candle in holder then in the center of the charger
Spread green leaves out to cover any exposed foam

W made this last year and we've already started our Sunday evening advent time for this year!


Stef said...

very pretty!

beccaod said...

Beautiful, I need to make one!