Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Martha Stewart} Christmas Card Wreath

Another great find on pinerest...

What you need:
glue gun 
glue sticks
wide wired ribbon
clothes pins
quilter's or embroidery hoop {I used an 18 inch quilter's}

I had all but the hoop and then found some fun plaid ribbon I just couldn't pass up {of course} which brought this craft's cost to about $8.

My take:

All I did was place the pins first to get my desired spacing, made sure to alternate which way the pin's opening went, and then glued those puppies in place.
Put a big bow on top with enough slack to hang, and there you have it: a really quick and easy way to display those beautiful Christmas cards you'll be receiving all this month. Which reminds me that we STILL haven't taken our pictures for. Argh. 

Thanks pinterest & Martha! You guys are the best!


Tara said...

i LOVE this!! totally doing it!!

Stef said...

oh, yes... I'm a fan. I love that its not busy with a bunch of other decorations on it! So fun seeing the Combs card - we have that on our fridge right now!
Our card will be coming to you, just as soon as that darn company sends our new address labels :-\