Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Date Night: Crafts!

William had a recent "aha!"-totally-awesome idea for our stay-dates {time we set aside for just us when we're at home}. We both have some strong interests that we talk about with each other and will often dabble in. But most of the time we're just shoulder-to-shoulder. I'm crafting, he's listening to podcasts about gun safety. I'm researching my next project while he's cleaning his fire-arm at the same table. In child development speak: we're parallel-playing. Nothing wrong with that. A few weeks ago, he came up with the brilliant idea of setting aside some weeknights to do some face-to-face time while doing one hobby together. We're not only interacting but we're also learning more about the others' passions. That man of mine!

We started with a craft. :) I gathered some supplies for a basic project that I was wanting to add to our master bedroom. I figured it was a great start...it including maps and all. That caters to a man, right?! Once the kids were down, we got to work. 

-Maps {free from AAA}
-Three picture Frame {clearance from Marshall's}
-Scrapbook paper {gray, light blue, and red}
 -Glue dots {or glue stick}

-I used the cricut to get a heart for tracing as well as the labels: "Met", "Married", "Live" and the little arrows
-W located our "spots" on the map then traced the hearts with pencil and cut them out

-I introduced W to glue dots while placing the arrows to mark our spots {he didn't love them but gave them a valiant effort}
-We glued the maps and labels to the gray background paper
-Put it all into the frame

And got this final product! :)

Now it's his turn to cook up our next activity! 

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Megan Nadalet said...

How fun! I also love your new header. Adorbs! Also, I am lucky to have one of those items from you. :)