Friday, April 6, 2012

Unofficial Birthday Wishlist

William and my birthdays are both next month. And my mom has a gift. A gift of giving. She has impeccable taste and you can tell she really enjoys it. But there is a caveat: she really likes to surprise you. In fact, she's been known to not get you something if she knows you may be thinking she's getting that for you. That would be why I'm labeling this my unofficial wishlist. I'm figuring she wouldn't get anything from it anyway. ;)

{no particular order}

New to Ikea this spring. I can think of a dozen and one great uses for this beauty. I'm loving this color and the mint green option. So cute yet so functional!!!

Yes, I already have a "s" but it's by far my favorite mug! I go to great lengths {uh, like washing it by hand} to use it multiple times a week. I could totally see a "j' being added to my monogram collection.

I've seen these necklaces from allora handmade before, but not until recently did I get excited about them. I could really use a deep red, lemon, mustard, or pacific one to add a pop of color to my mommy uniform.

A store credit to Shabby Apple. I've been eyeing these dresses and skirts for quite some time. Great quality with a vintage feel. They definitely aren't cheap so you shouldn't buy one if you're thinking about getting pregnant any time soon...which kinda happened the last time I was looking at buying one. ;) And they just came out with their "color block" collection--so many fun bright colors!

Some crafting supplies: a roll of kraft paper, liquid chalk, chalkboard contact paper...things that have been lying around in my amazon cart, waiting to be purchased.

And I'll end on a really really high {as in expensive} bag. I've had my eye on the Marc Jacobs' Petal to the Metal line since it came out last fall. This sure is the perfect gray bag. Makes me drool.

Anyway, back to reality. Time to finish prepping for Easter! Huzza!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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Megan said...

How fun! My birthday is in 12 days... I should make a list! haha Also, you should take the fam to a ceramics store and make your own initial mugs. You could totally bring some stamps to make perfect initials. You could also cut up sponges at home if you want a specific pattern on yours. Might be a fun date night...