Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nursery/Office Plan

I can finally say that we're so close to having a blank slate to work with in this space. It's taken several hours, spread over several days {we have a 18 month old, 'nuff said, right?}. The crib is put together, junk has been removed, and things are moving along! So, here's what I've been gathering for this room...and thankfully it already has a lot going for it that we'll end up keeping.
The Low Down

1. E never had a mobile simply because I didn't really want to spend the money for one. Poor deprived kid!  Since then, I've seen lots of alternative ideas for cheap. One being these tissue pom poms from Martha Stewart. Talk about easy on the time and budget!

2. I made a fabric banner for E's baby shower and never got around to putting it up in his nursery. Since it has some distinct olive hues in it, I'm hoping it'll work for Boy 2.0's little area. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to blend the pom poms with the banner.

3. I was so ecstatic to find this DIY craft desk tutorial! I love the little cubbies for fabric, ribbons, and what have you. I'm hoping we can fit this in the room as well, although it'll have to be an afterthought for now since time is short. But W is quickly realizing as we go through this room that my craft stuff is overflowing everywhere and desperately needs to be contained!

4) Really thinking I'm going to try this burlap woven board to stick pictures and mementos on! Although, this room has two windows and wall space is already a bit limited. 

5) Antiques! W brought a ton into our marriage {one of the many reasons I love this guy--he already had a love of vintage before I met him!} One such item is an awesome glass washboard that's been sitting in our garage just waiting to go up on a wall. The lingering question is how and where shall this puppy go? We already have a few other antique hat hooks/racks hanging up that will stay, but may get moved around.

It's both a blessing and challenge to already have items to work with. We already have a large Ikea bookshelf taking up some space and some decor items that will stay. However, there won't be as much building with this project and it'll definitely be cheaper. The challenge will be to make sure everything is cohesive and actually works together. Buuut I think we're up for the challenge!

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