Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Birthday Keepsake

Came across this adorable idea for a little one to treasure...

Astrid made a table runner for her daughter's first birthday bash and had everyone present at the party sign it. 

She then went over each signature, doodle, and message with embroidery thread.

Each year at each birthday, party guests will add onto the runner and she plans to embroider in a different color or in a different location along the runner. So in the end, it will have captured all the years with all the people who loved her daughter and celebrated life with her.

How sweet is that?!
You must check out the other party details here. I loved her sweet and simple homemade taste!

E's birthday isn't until December so I've got some time to figure out how to do something similar, right?! This is just too sweet to pass up!

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