Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strike Two

"New Green"...had some potential

At least next to Mr. Neon Frog..

But upon closer inspection with a broader coverage, New Green reminded me of Soccer Goalie Green...
Ugh. I won't even show you the other sample I also tried. So, I then did whatever normal, reasonable, slightly hormonal pregnant lady would do... clean the counters and range-top.

And W took over the closet disaster by pulling out some cardboard and making a shelf sample.
He drew up some spects and then took E to get the supplies. That left me with a two and half hour nap. Just what the doctor ordered for frustrating greens!

Now, the only question I need to prime the closet before I try another sample?!


Emily @ NewlyWife said...

Not sure what kind of green you're going for, but I found some potentials: Benjamin Moore Margarita, BM Light Lime, BM Dark Lime, BM Chamomile, BM Spring Moss. Sometimes I like to take the name of the paint and search for it in Google Images to see how it looks in other people's homes. Not always super accurate, but helpful.

Stef said...

Wow! That bright one IS bright! I couldn't tell how bright until I saw it next to the new darker one :)