Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Part is D.O.N.E. {Stenciled Pantry Reveal}

Oh, I can't even tell you how good it feels to be finished with stenciling!! It took exactly 5 days to do this--although, I must admit that the 3 hours I spent the first day was the longest I spent. Each following day, my time commitment {and motivation} got less and less. Not sure I'd have made it if this space was any bigger.

This pantry journey so far has definitely taught me a lot. And most importantly, I actually did the stencil. As my pop would say, "You followed through." :) Yippie!!

Sure, if you look close enough, you will definitely find error. The last three rows are a real sorry excuse for the pattern. My big 36 week belly and my inflexible body made it waaay difficult to get that low. But as W pointed out, it's going to be underneath shelving and all the stuff that we fit in there.

There is space above this shelf that still needs attention. I'm going to try a roller and the stencil for this space, but there isn't as much as a deadline as below since there won't be any addition shelves placed up there.

Now, I get to sit back and relax while W puts in the shelving.

We're all waiting on him now... ;)


Megan said...

Girl, it looks gorgeous!!!

Ps. I am almost finished with my little gift for Baby #2! yay!

Emily @ NewlyWife said...

I agree! Great job! I didn't even notice any differences until you pointed them out. I need to push past and finish, er, start my stencil project!

Stef said...

Jess, you did an AWESOME job! I'm so proud of you.

Matt & Tara said...

this looks UH-MAZING!!!!!