Friday, August 5, 2011

Sneak Peek: Progress!!

We all should have projects that we love, but also haven't kidded ourselves into ignoring the fact that the easier way would have been...well, easier, right?! Isn't a project like that suppose to be on the life 'bucket list' or something? You know, life lessons we're all suppose to re-tell to the kiddos?? Well, I'm sure my mom has a good few stories about that. She used to DIY often. ;) Now, I have my own as well... {read about the start here}

This is after one solid, committed day of work {read: max. about 3 hours, collectively}:

{still haven't touched the other two sides yet}
Can't bail out too deep...

Proof I've been hard at work with my little paint brush and cup o' paint! That was before sitting down with some soda, my hubby, and Alias Season 3 for the evening. ;)
  Can I just take a moment to lament textured walls? They are awfully uncooperative in getting straight lines or curves!!

 To keep sane with this insanity of a project, I laid a few ground rules down:

-stop at any time I wanted to

-keep the time spurts short and sweet

-trace stencil by day, paint by night

-never do this during E's nap time since that's also become my nap time...and I'm not giving that up!

-manage expectations: I publicly declared {to W & E} that I would give myself a week's time to finish this project...and I don't think it'll take me nearly that long. It'll be done by the end of the weekend! Yippie!


ohbrooke said...

Looks awesome! Great colors!

Stef said...

the mommy in me is worried you're breathing in too many chemicals while pregnant. Please tell me you got expensive paint, with all the bad stuff taken out?!

Also, Alias... we LOVE that show! Do you love it? I hope so. Just more proof the 4 of us were made to be friends :)

Diane Wolford said...

Jessica, you are so creative and determined. The room looks great...very fashionable. Glad you take a rest when Big Brother, Ezra takes one...very smart.
Blessings to your family,
Diane and Wes