Monday, August 29, 2011

When You Can't Do It Yourself...

shop homemade! I love hopping onto etsy when I know my talents are non-existent in an area. In addition to pinerest, it's also a great source of inspiration too! I've been compiling some additional decor/newborn ideas for our nursery and am hoping to make a few purchases this week--just enough to accent, but not seem too-theme-y!

Here's what I've been eye-ing:
{super cute burlap banner...would look great hanging up over a window}

{country guitar print}

{courage quote print}

{because every nursery needs a deer taxidermy trophy, right?!}

{k, not decor, but seriously the cutest thing ever! NEED this knit coon hat for newborn pics!} My ever-talented girlfriend, Megan, at Crochet Every Day and NewlyWife, will hopefully be making one for Boy so I can not only shop homemade, but support a friend!

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