Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ode to An Old Door

W happened upon this old door for free several weeks ago. I'm really excited to redo this and turn it into a real beauty. It's just oozing with potential!
It's got lots of character and has obviously made home in our garage for the time being. I love that sweet little mail slot.

We jumped on pinterest the week we got it to cook up some ideas for transformation. I was already thinking of turning the big glass space into a chalkboard...something similar to this:

But I did love these ideas as well...

And I think I've even narrowed down my choice for paint colors. 
Aegean Blue

Sunken Pool

Egg Yolk

or maybe plain ol' white.

Hopefully, we can get that sander swirling soon but I'm not holding my breath. There still that nursery to finish!! ;)


Edie said...

That is a very cool door....and it looks old. Have you checked for the "tempered" stamp? You're going to want it tempered, especially with boys around :)

Stef said...

do the chalkboard!! I think that's the best, most usable idea.

Love how creative you are. I need you here at my new house. it has SO much potential, but is stuck with ME as its decorator.