Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still Waiting On Me

Over the weekend, W and I did some awesomely-massive-long-overdue cleaning. Did I mention it was awesome? Nothing like having dinner guests over to get the ball rolling on tidying up. It was made clear that it's been way too long since we've invited anyone over. But we got a lot done and even had time for some R & R too. Bonus!

After deep-cleaning the fridge with me, W got to work on our pantry shelving! Finally, some positive pantry progress..heh.

First project using his new jig-saw; Father's Day gift!
W went with a sort of 'block C' shape for easier access to stuff in the back. This pantry is actually a coat closet so there isn't not much space to move around in.
I helped him prime and paint the shelves with our leftover trim; Snippet of Tannin. One of our quickest building projects ever.
So, they are totally finished and ready for installation...which leaves the rest of the work up to me.

Perhaps it's all the cleaning motivation that has me even attempting this...
Making my own stencil?!

When people say it's long and tedious, they are absolutely, one hundred percent correct. And I haven't even started the paint part of it yet. It's still too early to tell if I'll give up or see this crazy idea through. You may never see a tutorial for this. :) Let's just say the chevron pattern is looking like a mighty fine alternative right about now....

This week's goals? Head to store for a small foam roller to try this puppy out as well as get supplies for some of the nursery decor projects.

Did I mention our due date now less than a month away? Can we really get these two spaces done in time??

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Stef said...

SO eager to see the final outcome!
You guys inspire me. Jason and I are in the process of making a 2012 do to list of simple projects we can do. We're excited about it and we have YOU guys to thank!