Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Burlap Pin Board

So, you probably noticed from my nursery sneak that I finished the Burlap Board. It was a super easy project that was easily finished in an evening. You may remember from my plan that I got the tutorial from two sources: here and here. They were both easy to follow!

This {before}:
Boring ol' cork board.

Plus this:
"Idaho Potato" Burlap...I went with the richer/darker burlap color.

Equals this:
Completed and updated woven burlap board!

The only adjustment I made was to skip drawing lines on the burlap. I only made small marks along the top of the burlap to measure out 3 inches. I did not continue these marks into lines because I didn't want the lines to be seen if I didn't cut exactly along the line. Plus, I'm absolutely horrid when it comes to drawing a straight line! So after marking 3 inches across the burlap, I simply folded the material in half and got right to cutting it into strips. And it worked out perfectly. 
I added the 'S' which was already in the room as well as some maternity pictures from E because they fit the country motif. 

I still want to get some regular T pins and spray paint them for some extra fun. 

Now that we have all the pieces in the room, we found that there is no room for a craft desk at the moment. And our computer/office supplies are actually taking up half of the closet. So, this room will turn out to simply be a nursery until the boys are both sleeping through the night and can share a room. All that's left for the nursery then is wall decor and filling it with baby supplies! Sounds easy enough, right?


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love the burlap!
congrats on the baby!

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