Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And He's Done...

{Archive from 4.24.10}

My wonderful & patient husband is finally finished with his our DIY project for storage in E's room!! I'm so proud of all his hard work & attention to detail! :) Who knew spray painting actually requires some skill & patience?! A few summers ago, we found an old locker with really great potential abandoned along the street we live off of. And since the sign shouted "FREE" in capital letters {Us, Swensons' favorite price}, we couldn't pass it up. And so it sat, and sat, and sat in our garage.

{Finished sanding & starting to spray paint}
Fast forward to end of our pregnancy and we still need a bookshelf or something to fit in the baby's room...the locker! How perfect! So we bought some spray paint, sanding supplies, stencils, and safety wear. The thing had old hornet's nests & cobwebs in it! W & a friend of his worked on it multiple days for long hours. My contribution? Supper after they were finished for the day. :)
{Making the ugly old inside pretty with paint!}

W & a couple of strong guys moved it up to E's room several weeks ago. I added a few dollar store magnets I bought when I was pregnant {I still consider myself a non-practicing teacher} W nailed it to some straps that are connected to the wall for safety. And voila! It's done!! What a fun way for Ezra to store his toys & books! Perhaps make clean-up more exciting?!? Now if I could just convince him to make an upholstered headboard for our bed and help me turn old paint cans into flower pots... :)

{The front. Barely passed the husband "boyish enough" 
inspection with some of these stencils.}

{Sorry, E. The only E was hot pink.
And #13 is what we referred to him as in the womb. He's Grandbaby Swenson #13.}

{the inside}

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