Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Burp Clothes

{Archive from 2.1.11}

I've been admiring these homemade cuties for some time now and have finally tried my own hand at them. And they are super easy, just like everyone says! It's a great beginners project since it's all about straight lines. I made a set of 3 in about 2-3 hours a few nights ago for baby L's shower this coming weekend. 

I made two using this tutorial. Loved it the best! And you get to use more of the flannel print which is fun.
 I made one using this tutorial. It was quicker to make and I actually had to change some settings on my machine to find the right zig-zag stitch. One that was small and tight. Yay for being forced to learn something new. 
 So now it's time to raid my mom's supplies for some blue tulle ribbon so I can bow these puppies up and put them in baby L's tote bag!

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