Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our New Headboard

We are in headboard business! Here's our new DIY headboard:
Although, it's not our DIY. One of my go-to girlfriends for DIY advice and inspiration, Jill, and her Will made this. Not too log ago, they moved into a new house and their master situation no longer fits the headboard. She knew about our future plans to make one {after all, she started the whole thing by sending me some tutorial links} and was so thoughtful to see if we wanted theirs! 

I love the blue fabric from her last upholstery job, but I still may hunt down some yellow. I'm totally loving the fact that we finally have something behind our bed besides the vast amount of wall space!!

I may still have W add some curves on to this, but I'm not in any rush. Here was my ultimate inspiration for the shape:
But now I'm thinking the current shape works much better if I want to hang a few prints above the bed. He may have just gotten out of a DIY project. ;)

We've also gone WHITE with our duvet cover several weeks ago. It's the first time I've ever done white {because, let's face it, I can't wear white without getting something on in within the first 5 minutes} and I was really hesitant. But I'm totally loving it: so crisp, clean, light and airy! A real difference from the rich chocolate brown duvet I switched it out with. I'm just praying we get through this newborn stage with less dry cleaning runs than last time!!
I still need to make some new Euro sham covers {could you tell in the pictures that there are none?}, new throw covers, update those side lamps with a fresh coat of spray paint, add some curtains {?} and accessorize. I'm love to replace our end tables too, but that ain't happening unless we find something cheap! Maybe time for more garage sale hunting??

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