Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seating Available Here

{Archive from 2.24.11}
E now has his very own floor cushion!!

I used this Land-of-Nod inspired tutorial. And I conquered more firsts in my novice sewing adventure.
1) piping- not as intimidating to work with as I thought
2) sewing in a shape other than a rectangle...lost my cool at some parts, not gonna lie.
3) working with thicker fabric...which was so fun to shop for. A whole different section in the store!

E has already discovered multiple uses for his new cushion.

Use it as a table...

As an educational tool for learning more animals...

Or for a quick head rest...

I think he likes it!
{Although he'll have to grow into it a bit more for sturdy sitting}

I really want to make some more! Maybe two more to make E a set of three? And baby-growing-in-my-belly should definitely get one.

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Stef said...

I love this idea!! Glad you did this and I can link to you in my "oober creative friends" link :)