Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teamwork: Big Boy Bed

{Archive from 4.5.11}

W & I finished our very own first piece of furniture together! And I loved loved loved this project for multiple reasons:
1)Learning so much in the process: because I was so interested, I really learned a ton about the size of lumber, power tools, measuring, construction of a simple shape, upholstery, etc.
2) Teamwork: I really love working side by side with W on projects. Call me crazy, but I could totally work with my hubby. Maybe it's because my parents have owned a small business together for as long as I remember so it's just my normal or because I'm all about spending ample time with him. Either way, it was great fun to work together to create something!
3) It's our very own creation: hopefully one that can be used with all of our future kids. W made sure to take extra steps to secure it's longevity and it would be super easy to re-upholster with new fabric. It's so fun to look at the piece while exclaiming: "We did THAT ourselves!!"
4) Ana White's plans are a.mazing: they include every little thing to help a lay-person build...diagrams, measurements of each piece, pictures, shopping list, cut list, instructions--you name it, she wrote about it. Oh, did I mention it's all free?! I was originally hoping to use this for a window seat, but now I'm going to search Ana's blog to see if I can find plans to match...and saved some moolah!

And so, here it is:

Yup, I completely tossed out the light blue idea and went with an indigo/navy color after finding the perfect duvet fabric. Our local JoAnn's had some pretty slim pickings because it's moving to a bigger store, but I got a sweet discount--I was only a few dollars under my budget but I bought 4 yards instead of the 2 the plans called for because my fabric was 45'', not 60''. I also found some cute light blue stripe fabric that I'll use for pillows. I'm so excited to start making his linens now. We're on the fence about whether to purchase another crib mattress or just buy some foam--I've got to do some price comparison before deciding.

I also painted the legs of the bed with some of our trim paint used in the house. Hoping that will tie the bed into his new room more. When we do his cubby shelf, I hope to also paint it the same color {Snippet of Tannin; Kelly-Moore}

We also haven't decided when to actually try this sucker out. Heh. But we're both thinking early/mid-summer, maybe after we get back from Pennsylvania.

Lumber/Supplies: about $30
Fabric: about $24
Foam {used instead of batting, a trick I learned on another blog}: $15
Total: roughly $70

Not bad for a new upholstered toddler bed...just the way I wanted it!

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The Gunny Sack said...

This turned out great! It's a hard decision as to when to put them in the bed! Good luck!