Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Boy Bed

A few days ago, W was done with work pretty early so we had some fun putting together a few of the last major components of E's room. One of which being: his bed! I was shying away from it and loving the idea of waiting until the last minute to switch him over, but W was all over it like white on rice. So we dove right in!
I put his comforter, a few pillows and stuffed animals on and sat back to have a "I'm totally a Mama" moment and "He's not a baby anymore" moment as well. E was really excited about it. We played in the room for awhile. He hopped on and off the bed several times. The fabric letters still need a home on the wall but I pulled them out just to see what they would look like.

He did great with the normal bedtime routine--only got up once and W walked and sung him back to bed.  Then he was out for the night. We sneaked back in several times before going to bed, just to check on him and laugh at his various positions. Although he getting older, it still seems like he's too young for a regular bed! Maybe it's because I know two-going-on-three year olds who are still in cribs?! Either way, he still looked so cute and precious!
He did totally great during the night and during naps. I'm so proud that he didn't fall off but still sad that he's becoming such a big boy so fast! I'm definitely in need of a baby fix.

Eek! Final reveal coming so soon, I promise. I'm sure ya'll are sick of reading about this redo by now. ;)

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Kara said...

Love that bedding. I love toddler rooms that they can grow into.