Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update: Progress!

{Archive from 4.20.11}

To say we've been tired lately would be an understatement. Last weekend, W & I had a date night...at home. We got take-out and stayed in. Boring, I know, but so nice sometimes. And I'm sure this exhaustion has nothing to do with the fact that we've been going to bed so late {without very good reason} these past few weeks.

Anyway, we're still chipping away at our project "to-do" list and have recently been working on E's bookshelf/window seat. It's almost done and was actually quite easy to make. But, this only being our 3rd DIY project, there are a few snafus that may need to get fixed down the line. All part of the adventure!
 {Bam! Those are some hot man legs!!}

Working on getting the top screwed on then a final coat of paint...
There's also new paint on E's walls and our master! So excited about the colors and getting the rest of the rooms together. I've also discovered that I'm a horrible DIY-er and forgot to take before pictures of the rooms before the painter dressed them up in new color. Oops!! And that's my favorite part when blog-hopping; the before vs. after. Yeesh!!

My next craft/sewing project consists of these materials:
And that's all the progress for now! Is it nap time yet?!

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