Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pantry Plan

The Low Down:
1) Stencils! What I've seen of others' stencil projects are just giving me the itch. This part of the plan is honestly far fetched, but would love to pull off if I can convince the hubbs that this is good use of our limited time. Heh. There is a free Moroccan style stencil that can be found here that I'm drooling over. But I'm open to the adventure of wallpaper too just because the space is small enough to tackle!

2) The House of Smith's redid their pantry and used some beautiful stenciling. This is what I'm talking about. Gorg!

3) This pantry is much on scale with that we have to work with. I really like the door hanging organization too. Could be a better solution than what we've got hanging on there already.

4) Jars for containers. Great upcycling!! We have a wee bit of a Mason jar fetish over here. In fact, they are what we use a our everyday glasses. Break one?! No problem! Rinse out a jar of red sauce and you've got yourself a replacement. I also use them around the house as vases and the larger ones from Costco I've already started to collect to hold our dry beans, lentils and rice.

5) This is actually a craft closet, but I threw it in just to get a better idea of how I could mesh the space for some of my craft supplies. I want to have a few things on hand downstairs so I can craft, but will keep most supplies in the Nursery/Office.

6) Love the Ikea baskets on the bottom of this pantry. These would be a great 'catch all' to hide some of my smaller crafty supplies that make their home downstairs.

So, these are just a few of the ideas running through my mind while I attempt to gather a 'game play' for our little space. It may come as a shock, but W is the more clear and effective communicator of the bunch. By having these visual plans, I can tell him what's floating around in my brain. And that makes our jobs go much smoother!

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