Tuesday, June 7, 2011

His Bench

{Archive from 4.27.11}

Last week when my parents came over for dinner, W and my dad moved E's unfinished bench upstairs so we could check it out in its natural habitat. The only step left is a final paint coat, but we wanted to make sure it fit in the space we had envisioned for it. I threw some of the pillows I've been gathering on there just to see.
We're still on the fence about whether it's too long or not. We may just cut off the last two cubes on the left and turn them into a night stand, because the thing is long. But I'm really loving the cubbies already which serve as his dresser for now until we get his closet into better organizational shape. His current dresser/changing table will become his brother's.

The three IKEA baskets contain: shirts, shorts/pants, and cloth diaper supplies for now. The road-map rug is also from IKEA. All those hard back Seuss books were my stash from childhood {thank you, Pops, for letting Mom retain some of my childhood belongings.} And the metal airplane is a summer find at a discount store.
I found the awesome orange pillow cases at Walmart for $5.50 last week when I was there for my other current craft project. Did you know they sell individual pieces of bedding sets? So great! These will eventually make way to his bed.You can see some of the wood-filler on the screws--hence the extra coat.
So, there you have it. A very long cubby bench/bookcase that may eventually get chopped down, re-painted and hold different throw pillows once I find some fun fabric....but you get the idea.
W is We are basically half way done with our DIY list for E's room!! Now it's time to finish some textile crafty fun, some spray paint here, wall shelves there, put everything together, teach him to sleep in a big boy bed, and reveal the completed look! Just small things, like that. ;) Then it's onto our master re-do. Oh, and lastly, figure out a nursery set-up for our office/guest room/throw-stuff-in-&-shut-the-door room!! Hoot hoot!

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