Friday, June 10, 2011

Easy Peasy Envelope Throw Tutorial

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Someone has new bedding!!
After a fun trip to Ikea this weekend for a crib comforter {among many other items purchased!}, I turned a twin duvet into an E sized one. Both fabrics above I found at an antique thrift store! They were perfect for the colors I wanted in his room. The fabric I used for the pillows was only $2 for a whole bundle. And I have a good amount left over.

The blue striped fabric seriously smelled like my grandma's house, in a good way, when I ironed it. It was kinda crazy because it's been years since that house was occupied by her. Brought back memories of toast with homemade frozen apricot jam and yummy french fries in the deep fryer..but I digress. The two pillow covers I made with an envelope style.
 {the back...I poked it out a little so you could see the overlapping flaps.}

There are many many envelope throw tutorials out in blogland. It is one of the quickest and easiest projects to update any room so I thought I'd share what I found while making E's two for his bed. Depending on your pillow form {the pillow that goes inside}, this project should only take a yard or less per pillow cover.

First, the slip cover is basically made up of three pieces. The front and two overlapping backs. My pillow forms measured 21 x 21. So I cut my front fabric about 22 x 22. The back two pieces should overlap so I cut 22 x 16 and 22 x 13.  You can eyeball this by laying the pieces on top of each other...5-7 inches of overlap is ideal.
Next, iron the 'flap' edge on each side of both back pieces and sew them in place. This will give a finished look to the two sides that will make the envelope opening.

Then sew the two back pieces to your front piece, right sides together {which basically means, the front side of your fabric should be facing/touching the other front side}. So now you should have one long piece of fabric.

The last step sewing steps: sew the top and bottom of the pillow square. Make sure your shorter back piece is on the outside with the longer back piece underneath it. And pin the two back pieces to the front so you make sure to sew a straight line and include both pieces while finishing the pillow square.

Turn your cover right side out & stuff that pillow inside!! Then admire your handy work! I bet you could even embellish it with felt flowers or ruffles. But since these are for a big boy room, I had to abstain.

{Some of the tutorials that I used and found helpful are here and here.}

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