Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Craft Your Heart Out!

{Archive 2.22.11}

Yup. That's exactly what I did all day yesterday with my girlfriend, Erin. Craft. All.Day.Long. It was fabulous! E put in a great marathon morning nap so we completed 3 headbands and 3/4 of a bib necklace
headband tutorials used: victorian lace and button.
Then we headed back to the craft store when we discovered we needed more supplies. E was back down for an afternoon nap, and we finished the rest of the projects. Lovely. And I just have to say that Erin seriously came out of the craft closet. She was a complete natural and within two projects, was already going rogue. I was way impressed with her mad skills. 
Only negative from the day was that I was waaaay too pooped to finish my sewing project that evening. But so worth it to delay another day for such an awesome craft date!

W thought our loot was pretty rockin' too.

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