Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dresser Reveal {Not Your Gma's Dresser}

{Archive from 5.25.11}

What we thought would be a bear of a project turned out to be fun! We were going to leave this as the very last thing to do, but when some friends volunteered to helped, we jumped at the chance after E's bookcase.

Here's the before:
This piece was my grandparents. It's in really good shape--we were the ones to put all the scratches and scraps in it. My grandma told me they bought it at an estate sale in 1973 while they were living in Kansas. It was part of a multi-piece set and survived many moves. She grumpily gasped a little when I told her we were paining it yellow. The cherry finish is really nice, just not my style. She relaxed a bit when I said our new color scheme for the master is yellow and gray-- she had a lot of yellow in her house...classy lady, that one!!

And our after:
Now, my favorite piece of furniture we have!

Easter weekend, W was able to get some friends over to help with the hardest part: sanding down the dark finish. What would have taken him several evening hours, ended after 3 hours. It's amazing how far a bribery of beer and fresh deli sandwiches can get ya!

 The dresser: post-sanding
The guys were so quick that we had to call it a day because I hadn't even purchased the paint yet. So we had to let the dresser hang out in the garage. With our entire contents just hanging out in our room. Just lovely.
{This picture is giving my dad a heart-attack right about now.}

I'll spare you the pictures of what it all looked like post-vacation, a few weeks later. Not pretty. E started jumping on our piles like he does when I'm putting the laundry anyway. I knew it was time to get back to working on this sucker when we started collecting baskets of clean clothes on the floor too-- reminds me of my disastrous room in high school...eh. moving on...

After I finally committed to a color, it was back to the rollers again to prime.

Some light sanding and two coats of Behr's Citrus Zest later and we were in dresser business!!

After doing a bit of knob hunting, I realized that I didn't want to pay $5-10 dollars for just one knob when we needed 8. So with a bit of high-gloss white spray paint, we got some updated knob-age. This was my first time using spray paint and let me tell you, I'm hooked. Not so much on the fumes, but on the instant updated look! They were brass before, but looked porcelain/ceramic after a coat of white. Here was my take...
Then W stepped in with this contraption he made...
Seriously, this guy is the quintessential problem solver! Love him!

Well, she's a real beaut in her home. And will be a dandy, {temporary} changing table in a few months when Boy hangs out in our room before moving to his own. Thank goodness for protective coating and chux pads!

Break Down:
Roller, Tray & Brush Set: $11
Quart of paint: $12
Polyurethane Protective Coat: $14
White spray paint: $3
Sandwiches &  Beer: $15
Total: $55...but $30 for us with a gift card!

Think Grandma will approve?!?


Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

wow, this turned out awesome!! all that hard work definitely paid off - it looks much better in yellow :)

megandandy said...

Love it and especially love the knobs you picked. so cute!

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Such a fun color! Great job!

Megan said...

Fun! Just added this link to your post in Newly Wife! :)

a little love affair said...

You were so right!! Too cute!!