Tuesday, June 7, 2011

List of Future Projects

{Archive from 4.7.11}

W may or may not now call me a DIYN..."do it yourself nutter." I can definitely see how this can be quite addicting. ;) Ever since finding Ana White's free plans, I'm a bookmarking mad-lady. I'm thinking we could shoot for a big project per month and still get some things done before this baby BOY joins us. EEK! :)

I was talking to my mom about this recently. In all seriousness, I haven't really cared all that much about what went into our house, until now, as along as it was warm, welcoming, and tidy for guests.. I mean, we were really fortunate that so many lovely pieces came from my grandma and parents during their respected moves {assisted living and the re-modeled grandparents' house} to decorate our house, but I didn't really know what I was doing or what my style was. My mom made a good point that now that I'm spending much more of my time at home, I care more about adding more personal touches to it. Now, if only I could harness that motivation for clean, clean, cleaning...oi!

Anyway, here's what DIY projects I've got on my list so far {not counting painting our & E's room}...

1) Definitely the next project, especially since we can re-use most supplies from E's bed project.

We'll pass on the legs and lay it horizontally instead against the window for a window seat/reading area. I'll make a seat cushion, throw pillows and buy some baskets for storage.

2) A friend just re-did a piece of furniture using this amazingly awesome color. I'm hooked and want to update our dresser with it now....in Behr's Lemon Lime
Her beauty--

Our potential--

3) Bookshelves
It's a toss up between these and another style that I've been eyeing for E's big boy room.

4) Update table lamps with spray paint & fabric
I don't know if I could get away with this much girlie-ness but this is my inspiration
It may end up looking similar to this, just different colors/fabric

5) New headboard: I've been talking about wanting a new bed for like 3 years now. I found this great tute on making your own headboard and thought it was a decent start and much more manageable on the budget.
 But, potentially with this fabric...to go with the whole yellow and charcoal theme I'm leaning towards for our master. W thinks this has too much potential for getting dirty, but it's SO cute!

 ... And way down the road when I start thinking about our downstairs...

I have to perfect spot for this or this and would really love some hidden storage for E's toys.

...I wonder if they have an DIYA {do it yourself anonymous} group?!...Heh.

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