Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Boy Accents For Big Boy Room

{Archive 3.15.11}

So I've started to put together some ideas for E's big boy room. Lots of bookmarked tutorials and plans. Probably shouldn't admit this because I'm going against the grain here, but I'm not really one for themed rooms. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some really cute rooms using themes that I've loved, but I honestly can never decide on just one thing. It would drive me crazy to narrow my options...which others may find freeing: to have a specific idea in mind. I'm just weird, I guess. This is also probably why I could never get a tattoo--too much commitment to one piece of art! Instead, I plan to stick with some main colors to bring some cohesiveness to his room, and run wild with the other stuff.

While surfing the net, I fell in love with this idea from kojodesigns. Not so much for the ruffles but the use of old books for decor. The following day I found four perfectly old-fashioned looking books at a garage sale. Fabulous!

But I was still stuck on what to do with a ruffle-replacement. Then I was at Michael's in the dollar section and found these perfect white letter hooks. I was bummed that there was no "Z'' to spell his name so I opted for next the obvious word...
{Thanks to my friend, Erin, for picking up a few letters for me! Getting all the letters required a bit of a hunt...}

All I did was hot glue the letters onto the front of the books and followed the tutorial for keeping the books closed and prepping to hang.
{E for easiest project. EVER.}

I hope to hang these on the wall near a reading nook or ledge. And I'm just excited that E will have some classics as part of his big boy room!
{Pride And Prejudice...One of my favorite love stories.}

Break Down:
Letters: $4 ($1 a piece)
Books: $6 ($1.50 a piece)
Total: $10 wall decor...sweet!

More on his room as it develops...

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Stef said...

I remember when you first posted these, they were SO new to me and I thought they were so cool. Now I see them all over, in all these vintage, expensive stores!